Cornerstone’s Corner


A Future of Promise…

Written By: Rev. Marcille Braman

This month Pastors Dawn and Marcille went to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in Commencement exercises for our CLIMB graduates in the Kenyan Prison System. CLIMB has been given permission by the Director of Rehabilitation Services for Kenya Prisons to hold degree programs in all of their prisons nationwide. The atmosphere at the three campuses we visited was electric. Students, who for the first time in their lives have completed educational courses, were filled with joy and pride. The family members who came to witness this momentous occasion could not thank us enough for offering hope and education – a future of promise.

The courses are now being offered in two maximum security prisons, three medium security prisons, a women’s prison and a youth prison. Even the guards are able to take the courses in the evening should they desire to. The population of the prisons we currently serve in is over 12,000 with over 1,000 currently enrolled in classes. Of those 1,032 students enrolled, over 200 graduated from the certificate or diploma level in Biblical Studies.

When the inmates are released back into their communities, they go with a purpose. No longer will they be destined to repeat the mistakes of the past because they have been given a hope for the future and it includes a Biblical education based on relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone CLIMB is the northern MN branch of CLIMB International. CLIMB stands for Christian Leadership Institute of MN and Beyond. CLIMB was established to develop and increase Biblical understanding and to equip Christians for the harvest. We are a self-accredited, evangelically based, formal Bible educational program offering degrees in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Missions and Ministry Leadership. We are now taking enrollments for our upcoming classes. You may contact Pastor Marcille at for more info.

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