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Answer The Call…

Written By: Rev. Marcille Braman

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Marcy was at the church on a Friday finishing up some last minute items. The church is not usually open on Fridays, so any phone calls are directed to voicemail or emergencies to Pastor Dawn's phone. While arranging our CLIMB Bible School classroom the phone rang. She felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to answer the call so ran for the phone before the answering service picked up the call. On the other end of the line was a crying woman in another state whose ex-husband had passed away and whose adult daughter had driven many miles, across state lines, to bury her father. Because of short notice, she could not find a venue to hold the memorial service. “Would you be able to allow this at Cornerstone Church?” the mother asked. After speaking with Pastor Dawn, it was decided we'd open our doors and our arms for this family. As it turned out, only a few of the deceased man’s college friends came but it was a beautiful memorial service. This young girl's father was remembered well and honored for his life.

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